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1.) Protest online, not in person. 

2.) If you insist on not staying away from other people during a pandemic, then please at least follow this doctor's advice... please follow her advice to minimize the risk of infecting yourself and/or others... and, by others, I mean not just others who are at the protests with you... please keep in mind that you could infect people later on... at the grocery store, for example, where you actually shouldn't go for at least fourteen days after attending any group gathering... instead, you should self-quarantine for at least that length of time... and have groceries delivered, if at all possible. 

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It's incredibly sad that anyone, in 2020, even still has to be told that Black Lives MATTER... (and that women's lives matter... and that the lives of other beings with whom we share this planet matter, etc.)... protest online, though, more than in person, for the time being... and *please* don't forget to *register to vote* (if you haven't already) *before* the registration deadline (which could be up to a month before the election!)... and then *please* make sure actually to vote on election day... no matter how long it may take... to vote out individuals who support and perpetuate despicable practices that are racist (and/or misogynistic and/or otherwise inhumane against any fellow living being on the planet)... all such hearts and minds need to be changed... failing that, at the very least, they have to be removed from power... and pressure has to be applied to newly elected officials not to issue pardons but rather to hold their predecessors accountable for their crimes against humanity (and against other lives, as well)... remember, though, that not as many of us would be able to vote if you let COVID-19 kill you and/or kill others who would help to vote them out... 

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Before reading more on the serious topic of the COVID-19 pandemic...
Enjoy these music videos. :-)

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"We Found Love"
(just beautiful) 

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BLACK-EYED PEAS (Medley) (Live Performance)
"Hey, Mama" / "Where Is The Love?" / "Shut Up"
(great performance) 

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"Where Is The Love?" (Live Performance)
(some nice comments on that page, too) 

"Where Is The Love?" (Music Video)
(great sound) 

"Where Is The Love?" (with Lyrics) 

"Where Is The Love?" (Lyrics only) 
"...if you only have love for your own race,
then you only leave space to discriminate...
Man, you gotta have love; this'll set us straight.
Take control of your mind and meditate.
Let your soul gravitate to the love..."  

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Tom Shadyac, whose documentary film "I AM" (trailer) asks the questions: "What's wrong with the world?" and "What's the solution?"--(the answer to both of those questions, btw, is the title of the film)--seems to have the song "Where Is The Love?" by the BLACK-EYED PEAS as its theme song... obviously, very fittingly so... and that's where I heard that song for the very first time. :-) 

About Tom Shadyac's philosophy & his "I AM"  documentary film, also see this article, and this other article, and this short video clip

And according to what he posted a few years ago on Reddit--click on "View Entire Discussion (165 Comments)"--he's also "a vegetarian, and about 90% vegan"... that was really nice to read... I hope he still is leaning very strongly in that direction... because veganism (done right) truly is very important for human health and for other reasons, too, of course... as I know many of you already know. :-) 

Many other things he wrote there resonated with me, as well... one, for example, is this: "Be the change you wish to see in the world... [w]hether or not others get it or appreciate it... Let's not forget, many called Jesus insane... same is true of Gandhi, MLK, and others..." 

Yes, well, it's far better to be what I call "good crazy" (propensity toward... and sometimes even obsessed with... caring on a deep level and walking in the light as a helpful, kind soul) than it is to be what I call "bad crazy" (propensity toward apathy or worse, actually preferring the dark side of life, of greed and oppression; and even, in some cases, gaslighting and worse, operating in life as an evil soul)... it truly is the latter, not the former, who are inhumane/insane.

Anyone who would suggest otherwise, of course, also is insane... 

And in this life, there are too many... 

Rather, we always should remember that it is the teachings of Jesus Christ... and Mahatma Ghandi... and Martin Luther King, Jr.... and Mother Theresa... and, yes, of Tom Shadyac... and of other such luminaries... that are what we should be paying attention to and listening to and emulating in this world... and certainly not the blatherings of the likes of DJT (and his sycophants). 

Tom Shadyac's book is a good read... and a breath of fresh air:  LIFE'S OPERATING MANUAL, WITH THE FEAR AND TRUTH DIALOGUES

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